Friday, November 29, 2013

Impromptu vacation

Saying good night!

It's been awhile since I've posted anything but life took over. A few weeks ago my mom and dad got an awesome airfare to come visit us!
Using scissors with Mimi
They took the Red eye out of SEATAC and arrived in Boston on the 18th. I had worked the previous two overnights but no big deal. They didn't come to Massachusetts to see me! They came to see their grandchildren and great grandchildren! Eddie and I are just a bonus!
To start with I had an ear ache so I missed the trip out to Bennington, VT. Mom, Dad and Felicia went and had a great time. The next day Anna took off from work so she brought over Robert. We took Robert and Vincent to the Jump & Play in Gardner. What a hoot!! Watching the boys playing and running around.
Snowmen Christmas Bulbs
Of course, there was excellent food to be had, we were all there talking and laughing into the evening.
Thanksgiving Dinner
The next day was the beginning of crafts! Felicia and I had picked out three crafts; first up, baking soda and corn starch ornaments. Second snow flakes with glitter and third, snowmen bulbs!
I have to be honest the baking soda and corn starch dough was awesome!! The texture was nice, it rolled out beautifully and the child had fun playing with it (so did the adults). Again that night we all were there.
Hugs everywhere!
Friday was snow flake day!! I downloaded a few templates but once we got going, no need! Paper pieces everywhere!! But who cares? Then the real fun began! The glue and glitter came out and it was everywhere and still is!! Felicia and Vincent stuck with it for a good while and then they went to play else where. Oh but not Mom, Erica or myself!! We continued cutting, glueing and glittering! My windows are beautiful! A great success in deed!
Saturday was our Thanksgiving Day since we were all off. Corey brought over a deep fryer and we did a deep fried turkey and all the fixings. So good! Dinner was excellent, company was even better!
Of course we had one more craft to do and that was the snowmen Christmas bulbs. These came out amazing! Painted the children's hand with white paint, placed the bulb into their palm, they closed their hand around the bulb then opened. Let them dry, then we used Sharpies to "make" the snowmen!! 
Another great day passed too quickly.
Sunday morning it was time for Mom and Dad to head back home. They left the house with plenty of time to get to Logan but got twisted around in Boston!! So after multiple phone calls and I'm sure a VERY tense ride they made it to the airport but missed their flight. This game us (Eddie and I) another chance to visit! So we drove into Boston and we went out for an early dinner. Again too short!
We got them back to the airport in time for them to catch their 6:35 flight to SEATAC.  As always, it's hard to have them leave, miss them something fierce!! Have to say, we had a wonderful visit and can't wait for the next one!!
Baking Soda and Cornstarch dough decroations
The finished snowflakes
Paper and Glitter throughout the house!
Making silly faces
Making thumbprints