Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Working the overnight shift, family and bike riding

How in the world does all of this go together? Not well sometimes. Over the winter we (Eddie and I) did a program called the Super 6 through Spinervals. I was committed and held on even with working three 10 hour overnight shifts. Looking back at it, I must have sacrificed sleep at times. I really don't know how I did it. The whole goal was to be ready for Battenkill, which I was. I ended up doing the Gran Fondo instead of the race on Saturday. I had a great time. Then mountain bike season started. My job changed (hours), I went from doing three 10 hour shifts to four 8 hours shifts. Training has totally dropped off. Is it the overnight shift or I'm just a slacker?? Don't know.

Couple of words of advice when working the overnight; make sure you get your rest, hydrate, get proper nutrition and exercise. So easy to give advice, right? Yeah, can I actually do it? Not recently. I woke up this afternoon at 4 pm (was suppose to be 2 pm) with every intention of riding on the trainer. Ah, no that didn't happen, instead I opened up a beer and sat on the front porch, got eaten by mosquitoes, went back into the house and made dinner. Drank a glass of wine. The kids came over, ate and here I am writing on a blog and listening to music.

The secret to sleeping during the day; triple coverage on the blinds in the windows to make our master bedroom black like night, a sound machine and the noisy bathroom fan. Oh, need to have something in my stomach before going to bed, it REALLY sucks to wake up with a low blood sugar!! Depending on the day, I either go to bed right away (if it's my last night on) or stay up till 1 pm and sleep till 9 pm to go back to work. If I'm staying up, I try to have a plan, usually going for a bike ride is the plan. If I'm going to bed, trying to have a plan, like riding a bike when I get up. Honestly, sometimes I'm successful, others I fail dreadfully!

Do I like working nights, don't even know how to answer that. I do because there are less people around and the staff tends to work together (in theory). No I don't because I'm always trying to sleep and trying to wake myself up, it takes a complete 24 hours to recover from working the overnight shift. So even if I have 3 nights off, I really only have 2. I do a lot on my own, thank goodness Eddie works 3-11. He's an awesome support, understands that sleep is vital. I can't even explain my schedule to people, they just look at me like, what did you just say? Enough of my whining!!

Need to refocus, this is what I do, I work the overnight shift, period. I have to make it work. My family, riding my bike and work. Find the balance and enjoy every moment of my life. Be thankful for my family and friends that I love and that love me. My bike always is there for me, even if I haven't taken it out for 3 days, unconditional love!

On that note, thanks for reading this entire post! I'm refocusing and setting new goals. Race this weekend at Domnarski's Farm in the Root 66 Race Series, get my mandatory training done, see my grandchildren, visit some dear friends and ride my bike!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Another Birthday party! Bailing on the mountain bike race.

Well Robert is 2 years old now! How did that happen? We were going to get him a big wheel but Corey's grandparents got him a big wheel already. Darn. One of the other nurses at work told me about a trampoline for little ones, guess what Robert got!
Eddie and Corey put it together, it took awhile but it was worth it! Much bigger than what I thought it would be. So there was a whole discussion on what to do with it. Corey and Anna don't have room at their place, so apart the trampoline came and it's outside at our house awaiting to be put back together and added to the play gym out back! I'm glad they don't live to far away and they can come over anytime to play.

Was another great day with family and friends at the house. We had planned on the party being outside but the rain won out today. We were all inside! Of course the kids all played outside without any problems.

There is a mountain bike race up in Vermont on Sunday. It's 39 degrees out, raw and raining. Eddie did ask if I wanted to go and made it clear he was NOT going to race. My decision, I'm not going to either. It's a long drive up, they are calling for SNOW in higher elevations and I have to work tomorrow night. That's a tri-fecta for me!! Tomorrow my plan to get a long ride in on the trainer, not as much fun I know but safer and warmer. Also means I'll get a nap before I have to go back in for my overnight shifts.

Just want to say thanks to the family again for a great day!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

My morning joy

I got home from working the overnight shift and it had rained last night. There was a nice dew on all of the plants. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to play with the camera! A good cup of coffee and the cinnamon roll Eddie got at the Gypsy Joint in Great Barrington and I'm good to go! No good stories today just enjoy the beauty of the day and appreciate the one's you love. If you can get on your bike and ride today even better!
Couldn't pass up the dew on the leaves
I was able to get a single shot of a bleeding heart
More dew on the leaves, I can't remember the name of the bush right now!
  The Columbine is starting to come up too!! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Fiat and new bike rack

So easy to put on the car and so easy to put the bikes on! Love it! The bikes didn't sway around either. This is a Saris Gran Fondo bike rack.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Reflections for the Day

As I was sitting on the front porch having my coffee and eating my breakfast this Mother's Day I couldn't help but think about all of the blessings I have in my life! My mom and dad, my two brothers and their families. My husband's family. My own family; Eddie my husband (the best around), Erik (my son) and his wife Erica and their two children Felicia and Vincent, Anna (my daughter), Corey her boyfriend and their son Robert.

I have friends all over the world at this point in my life and know I could drop in to visit at any time (of course I'll call before I arrive! Well maybe). I'm thankful for each of my friendships whether near or far.

Even though family and friends have been diagnosis with cancer, have endured an illness over the years or have lost loved ones, there has been so many blessings through the struggles. Being able to support each other with prayer and encouragement makes it possible.

This morning Eddie had to work so I had the morning to myself. Like I said, I made breakfast, visited with some friends, called mom and talked for a long while, text everyone Happy Mother's Day. Then went for a recovery ride. Enjoyed every moment, the fresh air, the freedom to just pedal and not think about anything but my heart rate and cadence. Well, when I wasn't thinking of that my mind wandered to my family and friends! I also thought about my job and that I really do enjoy it, most of the time and that I get paid to do what I do!

I got home and hustled into the shower so I could get ready for Vinny's Third Birthday Party today! He got a bike!! His first big bike! Both Eddie and I were so excited to give it to him, since he's been trying to take over Felicia's bike! I arrive at the party, the food is ready! Gobble down a hamburger, hot dog, chicken wings, chips and dip, veggies and feel better right away! I snap off a bunch of pictures of the grandchildren, they are so wonderful! Love their laugh and joy of life. Watching Felicia, Vinny and Robert play together is a blessing to see. Playing Dragon Slayer and having sword fights. We visit and play some more.

I was the Dragon Slayer but now I'm a bike rider!
Eddie arrives and we finally get to give Vinny the bike, Oh my! So much fun to watch him getting on the bike and riding it through the apartment! Felicia and Vinny are chomping at the bit to go outside, of course what would we expect? The birthday cake, awesome! We visit some more and it's time to go home.

What a great day! To be with my family who I love and cherish! Thank you for all for a wonderful day, I look forward to many more.

The Birthday Boy, Vincent

Mimi and Robert

Mimi and Vincent

Mimi and Felicia

Erik and Kelly

Kelly and Anna

Erik and Felicia

The Cousins!

Erica and Felicia

Anna and Robert

Erica and Vincent

Watch out!

Ally and Vincent

Yum Birthday Cake

Mister Blue Eyes

Eddie and Anna

Eddie getting beat up by a ballon

Eddie and Robert

Erica and Erik

Erik and Joe

Oh Yeah, this is going on my wall!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Root 66 Race Sites-Wrath of the Boneyard

We got out of the house no problem, cloudy and gray, rain predicted. So we know it's going to be slippery today. Nice drive down to CT, 2 hours. We get there, visit and hang out, watch the Pro's and Cat 1's start. Do our usual routine, dress, visit, ride a bit of the course.
Eddie's socks before the race.
I go up to say hello to Jill and Chris Logan and notice several riders coming in with flats and lots of mud. Conditions poor. Comments are, it's slippery, slimy and like snot! OK.
Cat 2's, nice start, lap 1, not to bad. Oh, until you get to the boneyard, it's about 125 yards of rock, I mean rock garden! On a dry day I might make it through, I said I might. Today I go as far as I can and hike my bike through. I've had a few hard crashes lately and really don't feel like going down today. The next area is still boney but doable. A few chosen areas I dismount, if you rode today, you know where! Nice long climbs, through the pine groove, some more climbs and 1st lap done!
Lap 2, no change in conditions! Settling into my race. I can see the second place rider, no hurry or worry, just keep steady.
Smashed derailluer
Lap 3, catch second place, Michelle. She's doing awesome ing the slippery rocks, I suck today! As we're hiking or bikes through the boneyard I see my husband with his bike turned over, I'm yelling, "are you ok?", he's yelling, "just keep going, race!". Turns out he smashed his rear derailleur!
Keep telling myself, steady, the climbs are coming. She pulls away a bit on a rocky section but I see her and know what I have left. I figure it's going to be close on trying to catch her at the end.
There's only about another 1/2 mile, I start pushing harder, getting closer. Honestly, I know I waited to long to go. One last right hand turn, sharp and muddy, right on her wheel! She crossed before me today! Good effort though!
Happy with the results! No crashes today! Got a new helmet.
On the way home were both feeling a bit hungry. We stop by Big Y and got some deep fried chicken! OMG, so good, finger kicking good!
Clean bikes, before the race.
Third place, new helmet, wet and cold
Finger Licking Good!!
Yes, we're sitting in the car. Inhaling the Deep Fried Chicken

Need a shower!