Saturday, May 11, 2013

Root 66 Race Sites-Wrath of the Boneyard

We got out of the house no problem, cloudy and gray, rain predicted. So we know it's going to be slippery today. Nice drive down to CT, 2 hours. We get there, visit and hang out, watch the Pro's and Cat 1's start. Do our usual routine, dress, visit, ride a bit of the course.
Eddie's socks before the race.
I go up to say hello to Jill and Chris Logan and notice several riders coming in with flats and lots of mud. Conditions poor. Comments are, it's slippery, slimy and like snot! OK.
Cat 2's, nice start, lap 1, not to bad. Oh, until you get to the boneyard, it's about 125 yards of rock, I mean rock garden! On a dry day I might make it through, I said I might. Today I go as far as I can and hike my bike through. I've had a few hard crashes lately and really don't feel like going down today. The next area is still boney but doable. A few chosen areas I dismount, if you rode today, you know where! Nice long climbs, through the pine groove, some more climbs and 1st lap done!
Lap 2, no change in conditions! Settling into my race. I can see the second place rider, no hurry or worry, just keep steady.
Smashed derailluer
Lap 3, catch second place, Michelle. She's doing awesome ing the slippery rocks, I suck today! As we're hiking or bikes through the boneyard I see my husband with his bike turned over, I'm yelling, "are you ok?", he's yelling, "just keep going, race!". Turns out he smashed his rear derailleur!
Keep telling myself, steady, the climbs are coming. She pulls away a bit on a rocky section but I see her and know what I have left. I figure it's going to be close on trying to catch her at the end.
There's only about another 1/2 mile, I start pushing harder, getting closer. Honestly, I know I waited to long to go. One last right hand turn, sharp and muddy, right on her wheel! She crossed before me today! Good effort though!
Happy with the results! No crashes today! Got a new helmet.
On the way home were both feeling a bit hungry. We stop by Big Y and got some deep fried chicken! OMG, so good, finger kicking good!
Clean bikes, before the race.
Third place, new helmet, wet and cold
Finger Licking Good!!
Yes, we're sitting in the car. Inhaling the Deep Fried Chicken

Need a shower!


  1. Nice write up. That is one mudded up drive train !

    1. Thanks Pete! It was very challenging! Like I said, I will do it again!

  2. Great blog and well done on your 3rd place; brilliant :)

    1. Thanks Karen! I'll work my way up to the top of the podium in the near future!! It's always my goal. I always go into a race saying, I'll just ride for fun, yeah, that doesn't usually pan out for me. I don't know what happens but all of the sudden when the count down starts and we head off, I need to try of the hole (the first or second rider into the woods)!