Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Vacation day 4


Corey comes to get us at the house at 0430! I don't really function that well in the morning! The car is loaded and we're on our way to the airport. Dropped off, checked in, on the plane.

6 hours later, hello, were at SEATAC! Off the plane, Starbucks, down to luggage to get the bikes. They are the last pieces of luggage off the plane, so we wait. Got those, off to get the rental. Someone cut the line, Eddie melts down!  We drag the bikes into a bus already packed with people. Get the truck, that was easy!

Now we're hungry, find Mexican food, YUM. Head over to mom and dad's. Stop by Old Town Bicycle shop in Gig Harbor to get air pump and supplies. I made two bicycle spoke bracelets for the mechanic there. The haze is burning off, it's a beautiful day, no humidity!

We arrive and wonderful hugs and kisses all around! Mom, Dad and Auntie Ann! I just want to keep giving them hugs, they feel so good, so much love! I'm truly  blessed!

Let the visiting begin! Eddie puts the bikes together, I visit. I love my husband! Of course we eat, visit some more and I run out of gas! Time for bed.

Next thing I know it's Tuesday morning at 0500 and Eddie's telling me to get up!

More to follow.....

Monday, September 9, 2013


It's been awhile since I've put anything on my blog, not that there isn't something worth while to post. Just that I haven't taken the time. Life has many twists and turns as we all know.

We make one plan but there's a bigger picture that we don't see! Ours was to pay down the debt, retire and ride bikes all while enjoying our family.

That's still going on but lately we had a twist! We have the blessing of Erica and our two beautiful grandchildren recently coming to stay with us for the time being!

What a wonderful chance we have to be with our grandchildren at this point in our lives. Yes, it does mean more activity at our home but what fun watching them learn and develop into the individual's God had a plan for!

Vacation September 2013 - Day 1-3

I get home from working the overnight, eat breakfast, crawl into bed for a few hours of sleep while Eddie ruins out to get the bike cases from Great Barrington (a 2 1/2 drive). He gets home, we load up and leave Erica and the grandchildren at the house and head down to Wompatuck State Park. We arrive get out campsite, Kathy is there with their children. We quickly unload and set up camp before dark falls upon us. Have dinner and crawl into the sleeping bags for some "sleep".


Slowly crawl out of the sleeping bags, get dressed, have breakfast with the Kovac's, Fabian rolls in and the goal is to ride the backside of the race. Perfect weather the trails are dry as are all the rocks and roots. We end up riding 18 miles.

We head to REI spend some money and decide we're hungry. Get back to the campsite, start dinner. Andy and Gabe arrive, Kathy gets back with the kids and let dinner preparations begin! What a feast! Steak tips, fried rice, chilie and I can't remember what else. Then a night ride! Of course we get separated but that doesn't stop us, we ride another 6 or so miles.

Get back, bed time! Ready for sleep but loud people and motorcycles put a damper on that!


Race day LANDMINE, last mountain bike race of the season. It didn't rain, the trails are in great shape, should be a super day.

Breakfast is homefries with an Chile omelette! So good. It's 9:30 the push is on to get to the start area. Dressed, water bottles ready and of we go.

It's already decided I wasn't going out fast at the start the race is 25 miles with the last 14 being rocks and roots. I do that, just hang back knowing that I would catch up to almost everyone. Pretty much did on Prescott Hill, except Jessica and the leader. Hit a nice cadence, riding by myself most of the time.

At mile 11.5 I had a misstep and when I went to get off the bike my right quad seized up, had to let it pass. Got back on the bike and just started spinning. Losing time here! Got back into a groove and felt okay.

Getting through the rock gardens over the logs! Feeling a few twinges in the quads and hamstrings but holding them off, eating and hydrating.

Through the second feed zone and there's only 2 miles left till the finish! Going along my left pedal strokes a rock, my left hamstring immediately locks up! Barely can get off the bike without falling over. Of course as I'm doing that my right quad seizes. Of the bike and using it to help me stay up right. I can see my muscles contouring with spasms!

I look up and see Pam, I know I just lost third place as she passes. She's asking me if I need anything, I know if I said I did she would stop but I tell , "no, keep going".

I slowly get back on the bike knowing I probably only have a mile to go, just get through it I tell myself. Start spinning, cramps again. To bad, legs just work! I get going again and limp my way in to the finish.

I have to say what a great day! I had a blast, except for the cramping. I improved my time by 7 minutes from last year! Jessica was second, Pam was third! We had a fun season and I can't wait till next year!

My hubby did awesome too! He improved his time by at least 3 minutes!

Thank you Jill and Chris Logan for running the Root 66 Race Series!!