Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Vacation day 4


Corey comes to get us at the house at 0430! I don't really function that well in the morning! The car is loaded and we're on our way to the airport. Dropped off, checked in, on the plane.

6 hours later, hello, were at SEATAC! Off the plane, Starbucks, down to luggage to get the bikes. They are the last pieces of luggage off the plane, so we wait. Got those, off to get the rental. Someone cut the line, Eddie melts down!  We drag the bikes into a bus already packed with people. Get the truck, that was easy!

Now we're hungry, find Mexican food, YUM. Head over to mom and dad's. Stop by Old Town Bicycle shop in Gig Harbor to get air pump and supplies. I made two bicycle spoke bracelets for the mechanic there. The haze is burning off, it's a beautiful day, no humidity!

We arrive and wonderful hugs and kisses all around! Mom, Dad and Auntie Ann! I just want to keep giving them hugs, they feel so good, so much love! I'm truly  blessed!

Let the visiting begin! Eddie puts the bikes together, I visit. I love my husband! Of course we eat, visit some more and I run out of gas! Time for bed.

Next thing I know it's Tuesday morning at 0500 and Eddie's telling me to get up!

More to follow.....

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