Last year I was at a mountain bike race and saw someone wearing this cool bracelet. Of course I had to ask where they got it and what it was made of. The answer, it was made from a bike spoke and they had purchased it in California.

I got home, looked it up online and decided I would make my own. On top of that I decided that was what was going to be my Christmas presents to everyone that year! I had to convince my hubby to give up a mountain bike wheel, he did and I got to work. It took me a few spokes to get the hand of it but this is the end result.

I think they came out pretty good! I started getting compliments on them and have sold a few. So this is my attempt to put it out there, if you would like to have a spoke bracelet, just let me know. I'll make one for you and ship it out. I've been selling them for $10.00, if your in the United States $2.00 for shipping and if your overseas $5.00 for shipping.

Just send me a message with the measurement around your wrist and I'll make one for you!!

Thank you,

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