Friday, May 3, 2013

Now this was a Great Day!

Check it out! A lazy morning at home with Eddie, breakfast, coffee then a mountain bike ride at Pearly Brook. Well we got Just over 5 miles in. I had a same endo on some really nasty, rooty stuff at the beginning of the ride. I was a little whiney about it. Got over it. Eddie showed me a new trail someone has been working on. Very nice!! There's an awesome climb in it too. Half way up that my chain broke, hiked the bike to the top of the hill. Eddie starts fixing the chain and the May flies are swarming us, I mean swarming. I broke two pine branches off and was waving them over our heads to keep the flies away while Eddie was repairing my chain. Got it back together somewhat. Turned around coasted down the hill and my bike and I limped back to the car. Eddie practiced one legged drills.

Got home, Eddie had to go to work so I ran over to Ashby, MA to John Hanley at Boulder Bikes to get the chain set. John is the best!! Fixed it right away and I drove back home.

It's so nice out, I threw on some riding clothes and hopped on my road bike!! Did a quick 40 minute ride, so glad I did!!

That was great but what's even better is that I'm picking my daughter up from work and get my daughter in law and the three of us are going to have dinner together!!

What better day could I have?? 

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