Sunday, May 12, 2013

Reflections for the Day

As I was sitting on the front porch having my coffee and eating my breakfast this Mother's Day I couldn't help but think about all of the blessings I have in my life! My mom and dad, my two brothers and their families. My husband's family. My own family; Eddie my husband (the best around), Erik (my son) and his wife Erica and their two children Felicia and Vincent, Anna (my daughter), Corey her boyfriend and their son Robert.

I have friends all over the world at this point in my life and know I could drop in to visit at any time (of course I'll call before I arrive! Well maybe). I'm thankful for each of my friendships whether near or far.

Even though family and friends have been diagnosis with cancer, have endured an illness over the years or have lost loved ones, there has been so many blessings through the struggles. Being able to support each other with prayer and encouragement makes it possible.

This morning Eddie had to work so I had the morning to myself. Like I said, I made breakfast, visited with some friends, called mom and talked for a long while, text everyone Happy Mother's Day. Then went for a recovery ride. Enjoyed every moment, the fresh air, the freedom to just pedal and not think about anything but my heart rate and cadence. Well, when I wasn't thinking of that my mind wandered to my family and friends! I also thought about my job and that I really do enjoy it, most of the time and that I get paid to do what I do!

I got home and hustled into the shower so I could get ready for Vinny's Third Birthday Party today! He got a bike!! His first big bike! Both Eddie and I were so excited to give it to him, since he's been trying to take over Felicia's bike! I arrive at the party, the food is ready! Gobble down a hamburger, hot dog, chicken wings, chips and dip, veggies and feel better right away! I snap off a bunch of pictures of the grandchildren, they are so wonderful! Love their laugh and joy of life. Watching Felicia, Vinny and Robert play together is a blessing to see. Playing Dragon Slayer and having sword fights. We visit and play some more.

I was the Dragon Slayer but now I'm a bike rider!
Eddie arrives and we finally get to give Vinny the bike, Oh my! So much fun to watch him getting on the bike and riding it through the apartment! Felicia and Vinny are chomping at the bit to go outside, of course what would we expect? The birthday cake, awesome! We visit some more and it's time to go home.

What a great day! To be with my family who I love and cherish! Thank you for all for a wonderful day, I look forward to many more.

The Birthday Boy, Vincent

Mimi and Robert

Mimi and Vincent

Mimi and Felicia

Erik and Kelly

Kelly and Anna

Erik and Felicia

The Cousins!

Erica and Felicia

Anna and Robert

Erica and Vincent

Watch out!

Ally and Vincent

Yum Birthday Cake

Mister Blue Eyes

Eddie and Anna

Eddie getting beat up by a ballon

Eddie and Robert

Erica and Erik

Erik and Joe

Oh Yeah, this is going on my wall!!

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