Saturday, May 25, 2013

Another Birthday party! Bailing on the mountain bike race.

Well Robert is 2 years old now! How did that happen? We were going to get him a big wheel but Corey's grandparents got him a big wheel already. Darn. One of the other nurses at work told me about a trampoline for little ones, guess what Robert got!
Eddie and Corey put it together, it took awhile but it was worth it! Much bigger than what I thought it would be. So there was a whole discussion on what to do with it. Corey and Anna don't have room at their place, so apart the trampoline came and it's outside at our house awaiting to be put back together and added to the play gym out back! I'm glad they don't live to far away and they can come over anytime to play.

Was another great day with family and friends at the house. We had planned on the party being outside but the rain won out today. We were all inside! Of course the kids all played outside without any problems.

There is a mountain bike race up in Vermont on Sunday. It's 39 degrees out, raw and raining. Eddie did ask if I wanted to go and made it clear he was NOT going to race. My decision, I'm not going to either. It's a long drive up, they are calling for SNOW in higher elevations and I have to work tomorrow night. That's a tri-fecta for me!! Tomorrow my plan to get a long ride in on the trainer, not as much fun I know but safer and warmer. Also means I'll get a nap before I have to go back in for my overnight shifts.

Just want to say thanks to the family again for a great day!!

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