Wednesday, May 8, 2013

2A/101/32/2A loop mntbikegirl at Garmin Connect - Details

Yesterday I got home from work, slept got up 3 1/2 hours later and we looked at a Fiat 500 (pretty sure we're trading the Prius in), dropped Eddie off and drove home. It was so beautiful out I decided I would go for a spin on my road bike.

Headed out to Petersham via 101 and hooked onto Route 32. That's a fun section. Saw another rider and something just kicks in, had to catch them! Caught up and met Dan, rode together till 2A, he went towards Athol and I headed home.

I just rode on how I felt, if I was tired I soft pedaled, if a felt good I picked it up. Best thing last night, no winds and the bugs were there but didn't get me!

Untitled by mntbikegirl at Garmin Connect - Details


  1. you have a blog too!!! love it!! :oD

    1. Just started it, took me a bit and still getting hang of it!