Monday, July 15, 2013

Stonewall Farm, Bike for Bovines

This course is awesome!! It flows, everything has a great line, it has climbs (oh yes it does!) and twisty turny descents! We were able to get a pr-ride in the week before, I was looking forward to this mountain bike race!

Day of, we had to be up at the Farm early. I was doing the emergency medical aide and Eddie was helping out in general wherever needed. We got up there shortly after 9 AM (early for me), Cat 3's registering, everything going smooth, I've got the 1st aid kit and my safari hat on. I'm ready for the day now. My goal until my race, stay out of the sun as much as possible until my race, which wasn't until 1:30 PM! ARG!!!! Hard to do!

Cat 3's are ready to start, so I meander over to the start line with one of my team mates, who happens to be male (very important for this next part).

So we're standing there watching the start and chatting about the course, which lines to take and stuff like that. All of the sudden, I feel this burning sensation on my breast, so I kind of just rub the area. It doesn't stop burning, it's getting worse and really hurting! Now I'm pulling my tank top out and looking at were it is burning and what do I see?? RED ANTS! They are biting me. Now I'm really pulling at my tank top, I'm sure it's almost off trying to kill the red ants. I look up and my team mate is just looking at me...... I'm like, I have red ants in my shirt and they're biting me!! He's like, oh that hurts! I'm sure he saw everything! If you know what I mean.

So I'm the first person and only person needing medical attention yesterday. Thank goodness I'm not allergic to red ants!

My race starts, I'm just following Pam. One of the younger women go in front of us and is gone. It's hot and humid, the usual. I should be use to this weather and racing in it by now, right? Lap 1 and 2 pretty clean, feel okay. Keeping Pam in site. Lap 3, oh not really feeling too good. I slammed down 2 Gu's and some water. Dumped a bottle of water over me, I'm drenched but feel goose bumps, not good. Pam's pulling away, I decide that's perfectly okay with me!! All I want to do is NOT cramp up or throw up! I know the course so I know what I have to do to make it through the climbs, put it in a nice easy gear and just pedal up the hill. On the descents I just have to keep it in control and not make stupid mistakes. JUST STAY ON THE BIKE!

I come up to one of the guys, a single speed and ask to pass, he's awesome, pulls over for me. I can hear him right behind me, I ask (no, grunt out), "you want to pass", his answer, "no". We get over the last climb and down the last descent, over the bridge and he comes along side me and says, "come on let's go". Of
Pam 1st, Kelly 2nd, Ramona 3rd
course, I do, I give my last effort and make it happily to the finish line! Went straight to the creek and sat down in it for a few moments before going back to check on Eddie.

So happy to be done. Came in 2nd today, Pam was awesome!! We loaded up and headed home. Both Eddie and I where like wet dish rags feeling nauseous! We got home took out the stinky clothes, left everything else for tomorrow and crashed!

Reflecting back on yesterday I always wonder "why" but I know why - I love riding, I enjoy all of the people that mountain bike, I love that my husband and I can do this together and it is a freedom like no other!!

To Jill and Chris Logan who run the Root 66 Race Series, Thank you!! Thank you to Stonewall Farm, Keene NH for hosting the race! Thank you to Norm's Ski and Bike, JC and Patty! Happy Birthday to my special friend Moki!!

Awesome job to ALL of the racers yesterday, from Beginner (we hope you come back) to the Pro's and everything in between.

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