Thursday, June 6, 2013

Another great day

Right to Left - Ramona, Danielle and myself

Our day started out kind of slow this morning, which isn't a bad thing by any means in my book! Caught up with some friends on FB, great conversation and food for thought. No real plans except to vacuum and clean the house a bit (not my favorite job). I did vacuum, got all the dog fur up!! Then Hubby called and suggested I get a new pair of mountain bike shoes because my current ones have shrunk and are painfully pulling and squishing my toes. Been getting cramps in my toes in the shoes.

Couldn't pass that up, so while hubby was getting his knee checked out I ran up to Norm's Bike and Ski Shop in Keene, NH. Patty was awesome helping me get the right fit. Fergie have my another wheel to make some more bracelets! Doesn't take much to make this girl happy!

Ran home, hubby still not home, got dressed hoped on the road bike and dropped off a spoke wrench I had borrowed from a friend (I bought myself my own up at the shop today). Rode home, hubby still not home. Kept riding, hubby called and told me to keep going, I did.

I ended up doing 3 different loops trying to stay pretty close to home, didn't want to get caught in the rain that's coming. Ended up with 33 miles, great ride! Hardly any traffic, roads all to myself, good hills to climb and a few good descents. Now dinner, I'm hungry!

Keep riding everyone and enjoy every moment of the day. Add a friend of mine said this morning, "be mindful".

Here's a picture of the bracelets!

The finished Product!

An old mtb wheel that was going to be thrown away
All broken down and ready to be made into bracelets

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