Friday, June 14, 2013

Mountain Biking = Relaxing

Last week I had asked Chris if he would go riding with me to work on my technical skills. He's an awesome rider that's on Norm's Mtb team. So, after working 4 overnights I set my alarm for 2:15, I called Chris, the rain had stopped and the sun was out!! Yeah! The only sad part is that my hubby had to go to work.

I met Chris at Norm's Bike Shop and we rode over to Drummer Hill. Great climbing!! Chris was nice to me and set a great pace for me. Talked me through some technical sections, a downhill that the leaves were still on. Shall I say, a bit slippery!! I think I did pretty good. One section of a climb I just ran out of gas and had to get off and hike the bike to the top of the climb, bummer but I recovered.

Nice descents, beautiful trails! The guys have worked hard to maintain the trails at Drummer Hill. I highly recommend riding up there but probably should ride with someone who knows the area! I definitely would get lost. I still get lost at Leominster State and I've been riding there for the past 10 years!!

We were on our way back to Norm's and my chain snaps! We stop make the repair and continue back to the shop. I think I might name this year "The Year of the Chain". I have never had this many chains break before!!

We get back to Norm's, I head home and have this overwhelming feeling of being relaxed and completely satisfied! I can smell the mud and the sweat from the riding. Love that smell! As I was driving home I think to myself, I so wish I could do this everyday. So if I can't go riding everyday, at least I know I can look forward to it, knowing that I get this feeling of satisfaction!

My hope, is that others will join in on this life style and enjoy it as much as I do!

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